Arts and Collectibles:

Authenticity and Monetizing The Secondary Market enables the artists and IP holders of physical collectibles and art to benefit from sales and price increase on the secondary market.

An ether.card provides two benefits:

  • It establishes the authenticity of the art piece
  • It enables the artist / IP holder to benefit from secondary market sales and value increase.


By combining top-of-the line NFC processors, bleeding edge blockchain technology and Token Fusing, we can make sure that illegal copies of your art pieces and IP can’t be passed on as authentic anymore.

Monetizing The Secondary Market

But authentication is the easier challenge. The real deal is monetizing the secondary market. It is common for an art piece or for a rare, limited edition collectible to command prices on the secondary market that are 10 times more than the original sale price.

Incentivizing, not enforcing

However, it is impossible to enforce the payment channel on the secondary market. A piece of art on the flea market might change hands with a cash sale, or as part of a barter deal. It is not possible to enforce royalties on those.

That’s why we chose to incentivize, and not enforce. Our [ecosystem] and technology incentivizes the buyers to take ownership of the object’s digital title as well. When they do so, they benefit – and the artists / IP holder benefits as well.

Start Monetizing Your Art