Now taking Worldbuilders donations via Ether!

We previously wrote about the amazing charity Worldbuilders, and encouraged the Ethereum community to contribute to this year’s fundraiser. The fundraiser’s still got a week to go, and we’ve got good news: we’ve set up an Ethereum address for donations in Ether.

As of now, you can donate in Ether to address 0xf1bD45D022d31B04341714D6fADA81CCe7cE3717. Before the end of the fundraiser, all the funds raised will be converted to fiat, and donates to Worldbuilders via the Ethereum team page. Donations will be eligible for the same gift matching as regular fiat donations. If the fiat conversion donation wins any prizes in the Worldbuilders lottery, we’ll work out a fair protocol for doing a lottery drawing of contributions to the above address, and post the winning addresses on Reddit so the winners can identify themselves.

Just like with fiat donations, we’re doing our small part to try and encourage people to donate: We’ll send a free Ether Card, anywhere in the world, to anyone who donates at least 2 ether to Team Ethereum for Worldbuilders this year. Email with an your transaction ID and an address and we’ll send a card out to the person of your choice as a thank you for supporting this amazing charity.

The fundraiser ends December 20, so we don’t have a lot of time - let’s continue to show people how awesome the Ethereum community can be.