Ether Cards is under new management

I’m pleased to announce that Ether Cards is now under new ownership.

I started Ether Cards having seen for myself how difficult it was to gift ether and Ethereum-based tokens to people, and how steep the barriers to getting started with cryptocurrencies can be. With Ether Cards, anyone can give their friends and family everything they need to get started with Ethereum, letting them bypass the involved process of signing up with exchanges, KYC, and so forth.

Since I launched Ether Cards, we’ve sold tens of thousands of cards to individuals, and many more custom branded cards to companies via our white-label offering.

Unfortunately, the increasing popularity of Ether Cards has made it impractical for me to dedicate the time it requires, while meeting my other obligation as an Ethereum developer.

As a result, I’m pleased to announce that as of September 1, 2018, Akomba Labs, a Singapore-based blockchain consulting and development house is taking over the Ether Cards brand and line of products.

I’m confident Akomba can continue to produce high quality and secure Ether Cards, and to advance and improve the brand. I will be working closely with the team at Akomba Labs to ensure a quick transition.

-Nick Johnson