Distributing tickets fairly, especially if the event is highly sought after, can be very difficult. Ether.cards’ ticketing solution makes counterfeiting and scalping very difficult.

It also opens up a legitimate secondary market, and make the organizers benefit from every ticket sale.

Fair Ticket Distribution (Anti-Scalping)

Using a variety of models, ether.cards removes the rush from online sales. It does not matter whether you submit your order in the first minute or a day later. You will get the same chance of getting your tickets. The same technology also prevents entities to grab large number of tickets on public sales, thus preventing scalping.

On top of it, ether.cards is using a set of economic and algorithmic methods to improve the ticket buying experience for high demand events. Ether.cards ticket sales support different raffle and auctioning mechanisms, with an added layer of gamification.

Security and Privacy, Per Your Requirements

Tickets can optionally hold personal information (holder name, ID number, shared secret), so it can be prevented from being used by someone else. But they can also remain anonymous, by the decision of the organizers.

If enabled, identity of the customer can be checked when the ticket is redeemed. If required, a full KYC check can be conducted. But if your event requires privacy, then anonym sales can be enabled too.

Ether.cards can provide physical or digital tickets that can be checked and authenticated by the organizers. Ticket validity can always be checked by the ticket holder to avoid surprises.

Turning Tickets Into Collectibles – Ecosystem and Gamification

Used tickets can be turned into memorabilia, traded to form combos, for which the owner can get discounts and other benefits.

Using the tickets, engaging games can be played before, during and after the events, to engage the holders in a way that benefits everyone.




A complete admin interface to manage your events, issue and manage tickets and view stats.

Client Apps

A client app to hold the tickets. This enables users to use a web browser even on mobile.

Admin Apps

An organizer mobile app to accept / redeem the tickets and check validity

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