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Supercharge Your Drop

Kickstart your NFT drop or product launch with superpowered NFTs. Create a new NFT collection and embed each Card with unique Traits to reward your supporters with valuable perks. These perks might include enabling access to exclusive features or airdrops on your platform, or even entitling the holder benefit from a future treasury.

Traits add tangible value to your NFTs, further incentivizing supporters to participate in your auctions and events, especially as this value is likely to increase with the success of your project.

Gamify New and Existing Tokens

Create a unique and fully customizable experience for your audience, featuring a one-off or collection of NFTs as a prize. All standard ERC-721 NFTs are compatible with the Ether Cards platform, allowing you to maximize the value of your existing NFT library just as easily as your future drops. (more)

Successful Public Sale

As a demonstration of the power of Ether Cards, and as a way to reward our early supporters, we ran a three week Public Sale event. We were overwhelmed with the support received by the Ether Cards community, smashing all previous records and selling $9 million in limited-edition Ether Cards within the first 24 hours!

These cards range in rarity and entitlements, from Founder to OGs. Each card has received amazing artwork and will receive special Traits granting discounts on hosting a certain event, to super rare ones which entitle their holder to a valuable CryptoPunk and more! These Traits will never expire and were only available during this sale event.

You can still get one of these rare cards on secondary markets, during spot sales, or future special events & giveaways!

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