Monetize and Gamify your NFTs

Get Your Token In

The Platform

The EtherCards platform will be a set of tools for artists and marketplaces to make their NFTs more engaging and valued. It will enable them to set up raffles, bingos and other NFT-based single-player and competitive games allowing artists to engage with their community and make the most out of their creations. (more)

The Token

The EtherCard Tokens are your membership card, royalty collector, discount token and identity on the platform. As part of the opening, we will offer special EtherCard tokens that have unique benefits, designed for our early supporter community.

Benefits like royalty sharing, ever-lasting free service tokens and discounts that never expire and can be reused are just some of the few benefits that will never be offered after the initial release. (more)








Please click on the trait icons on the example membership token above to discover some of the benefits

If you come early enough, you can get one of these special cards for as little as 0.1 ETH. Make sure to come back when the counter hits zero to grab one for yourself!