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Ether Cards is a platform that provides tools for gamifying and supercharging your NFTs. Ether Cards are advanced NFT cards with an initial use-case allowing the community to use the platform and its features with increased benefits.

Although the wider public can still use the platform, only Ether Card owners will receive additional benefits such as receiving free services, discounts, VIP Access Passes, free NFT drops, and other special Traits. Over time, cardholder benefits will expand to other platforms, websites, real-world events and items, and industries.



OGs are the most valuable and powerful cards in the Collection, with art from top-tier artists, holding at least three Limited Trait slots in addition to common and conditional Traits. OGs are likely to receive the most powerful versions of special Traits.

Number of Cards: 90



Alphas are very valuable cards with unique art from top-tier artists in addition to “Accidental Collaborative” artwork. These cards hold at least two Limited Trait slots in addition to common and conditional Traits and have a high chance to receive powerful special Traits.

Number of Cards: 900



Founders have “Accidental Collaborative” artwork making thousands of different artwork styles. These cards hold at least one Limited Trait slot in addition to any common and conditional Traits. They have the possibility of receiving powerful special Traits

Number of Cards: 9000


The Dust

Dust is a mechanism used to allow Ether Card owners to improve their cards, unlock levels, upgrade, add extra skills, and purchase bonuses like Mystery Boxes.
After holding a card for 30 days, it will start to earn dust, and automatically unlock level bonuses after flling up that level’s dust meter. Read More

Coming Soon

Skill Tree

Skill Tree is the mechanism upon which Ether Card owners can permanently upgrade the benefits on their cards. Just like other Skill Tree systems, there will be upgrades that are not available until the prerequisite pathways have been completed.

Coming Soon

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